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After a two-year hiatus due to Covid, On March 27th, 2023, Gazelle Finance, the leading private equity fund manager investing in high-growth SMEs in the South Caucasus region, with the support of the USAID Business Development service program, is convening its second annual Gazelle Women in Business Leadership Conference and considers the unique and vital role that women leaders play in managing their businesses and leading at times of crisis and complexity in the region.

The purpose of this event is to convene women occupying positions in the middle and senior-level management teams and women entrepreneurs for an intensive one-day conference with leading international and local experts to learn about global trends and best practices of leadership, business strategy, and entrepreneurship with a focus on overcoming gender-based biases and barriers to secure better access to financing and to build and lead successful businesses.

The conference will consist of the Fireside Chat, two panels and a Gazelle Finance Leadership Excellence award ceremony. For the first time, this year Gazelle Finance will give the Leadership Excellence award.

The keynote speaker of the conference will be Rachel Kyte, dean of Fletcher School at Tufts University. Kelly Degnan, United States Ambassador to Georgia and Natela Turnava, Member of the Board of the National bank of Georgia will be featured speakers of the event.

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The sponsors of the event are TBC CapitalAdjaragroup and Women for Tomorrow.

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ევროკავშირის სადამკვირვებლო მისიის ხელმძღვანელი: ჩვენ დავრჩებით საქართველოში მანამ, სანამ საჭირო იქნება
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